Changes In Development And Building Construction

Growth in Various Sectors

All areas of construction are going to grow shortly. Primarily, this includes private housing and infrastructure, and the building of schools. There will also be growth in the commercial sector and the repair and maintenance of existing structures.

High-Density Housing

Taking into account community growth, demographic shifts, and migration, high-density housing is going to be more in demand than before. Some places will need to be demolished and others will require more housing to be built to cope with the larger quantity of residents and workers.

Designing with Flexibility in Mind

Flexibility is highly important in building and construction, both in response to environmental concerns and demographic change. We might want plenty of green parks and shopping centers but this must be balanced with the need for high-density living areas.

Serviced housing is one way of addressing this issue. This is when the housing has support facilities such as a gym, restaurant, or crèche. Mixed-use development is when the development is made up of buildings for various uses, from residential right through to commercial. Another idea is using flexible floor-plates. This allows for the expansion or subdivision of space to change the work/living areas of the house or to allow for changes in the family’s size. These changes, some of which are happening now but most of which will become more popular in the future, also help to integrate the disabled and elderly further into the community.

Off-Site Building Construction

Off-site construction is set to become more popular in the future for several reasons. There are fewer recruits for on-site labor work and existing pressures for better quality finishes and quicker construction. This means that off-site construction can save time and also money. It also means safe factory conditions, a reduction of construction waste, and a year-round work cycle. There might be problems such as complications of transporting completed building elements (and perhaps even complete housing units) to the site, uncompetitive pricing, and limited suppliers, but off-site construction is likely to help meet the demand for housing numbers.

Sustainability Issues and the Environment

Building and construction companies will have to make changes within the sustainability field to stay competitive. Businesses in the future will have the financial implications of environmental threats, including landfill taxation, higher energy costs, and climatic changes. Carbon-neutral policies are beginning to take off now but in a few years these policies will become stricter and zero-waste policies are likely to be introduced. The building and construction sector will need to take a more integrated and holistic approach to sustainability in the years to come.

The future is going to be an exciting time for the construction industry. Innovative building methods, fresh construction ideas, and new materials are being developed all the time and the focus on both safety and environmental issues is going to become stronger.